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Large, Custom Made Chandelier

Made with attention to quality and design integrity. We put our heart into each project!


Dining Room Chandelier

Multi Pendant Chandelier

Large, custom made glass globe dining table chandelier. An elegant combination of optic decors, coloured and clear glass.

This cluster would look perfect over a dining table, in a stairwell or in an entrance hall. We will be happy to help you adjust the size of ceiling canopy and the height of drops to design a perfect custom chandelier for your interior.

Staircase lighting_Linda.jpg

Dining Room Chandelier

Medium size dining room rectangular lighting with 5 globes of different sizes

shutterstock_1194864496-2 verze2.jpg

Multi Globe Pendant Light

Three Light Pendant

Textured glass globes with beautiful optical lenses and indisputable retro feel.

Simple, clean and classic. Bespoke staircase chandelier with 13 globes of different shapes and colours.


Coloured Glass Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island

Made from mouth-blown glass our pendants are perfect solution for a colorful accent piece for residential and commercial spaces.

Staircase lighting_Victoria.jpg
kitchen island lighting fixture

Multi Light Pendant Lights

Multi Light Pendant

5 drop pendant light custom made for an entrance foyer. A mix of different shapes and colours. Hung from 50 cm ceiling plate.

Elegant transparent glass pendant lights mixed together with seafoam green opaque colour accent. We make all our lights with attention to quality and cohesion of design.

multi drop pendant lights with 50 cm cei
Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Hung alone or in series. These glass pendants are colorful accent pieces suitable for dining room or over a kitchen island.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting 

An elegant combination of opaque and transparent glass globes. Perfect for displaying in a hallway or above a dining table

Glass Globe Chandelier

Glass Sphere Chandelier
Dining Room Chandelier
Glass Globe Chandelier

Glass Globe Chandelier

This clean design is popular for use in stairways and two storey rooms.

cluster globe pendant lighting

Three Light Cluster Pendant

Large, medium or small, in one colour or multiple. This fixture can be modified to work with your space.

4 drop cluster mix
dining room chandelier.jpg

Glass Lights over Dining Table  

Bespoke lighting fixture. Glass globe chandelier composed of blue and white pendants.


Three Light Pendant

Inspired by iconic styles from Mid Century era this 3 light pendant is our solution for a vivid accent piece ideal for any space.

Dining Room Chandelier_5 Globes.jpg

Dining Room Chandelier

Choice of coastal decor colours for your beachfront house (but not only). Hung from a customized ceiling plate. The size of the ceiling plate and the number of drops can be adapted.

Colourful Pendant Lights

Colourful Pendant Lights

Made from thick mouth-blown glass our contrasting colour pendants will create a dramatic addition to every space.


Colourful Blown Glass Pendant Lights

Multiple pendant lights from one fixture.

Four Light Cluster Pendant

Coloured Glass Cluster Pendant

Perfect way to add a bit of extravagance to your kitchen or dining room.

Dining Table Glass Lighting
low ceiling lights
Multi Light Pendant Cluster
hand blown glass pendant lights

Glass Pendant Lights

Blown glass cluster pendant light in contrasting blue and brown tones

Stairway Chandelier

All our bespoke long drop lighting fixtures can be adapted to customer's needs. We will be happy to work with you on your project.


Bespoke Lighting

All our lights are designed and handmade to order.

Stairwell Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights for high ceilings, foyers and staircases. This fixture can be modified to work with your project.


Blown Glass Pendant Lights

A minimalist elegance made of mouth-blown glass. This design looks stunning suspended as clusters or individual pendants.

Hand Blown Glass Shades

We strive for clean forms in an extraordinary range of colours.

6 drops.jpg
colourful pendant lights

Bespoke Staircase Ceiling Lighting

Spaces between individual shades can be extended upon your request to fit the height of your interior.

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Blue Glass Pendant Lights

Glass pendant lights for kitchen island

Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights

We use only glass blowing skills that date back to old times. No machines are used only skills passed down from generation to generation.

Amber Hand Blown Glass Lighting
glass globe chandelier

Three Light Pendant

A bespoke design for Mid Century Style living room. Free-blown glass without using molds.

Glass Wall Art Installation

We love how the light (natural or artificial) plays with the shades creating dramatic and unpredicted compositions.

Hand Blown Glass Lighting

Multi Light Pendant

Mixing shapes and colours of glass shades offers countless number of combinations.

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