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colourful pendant lights

Bespoke Lighting and Individual Approach

Working with both interior pros and homeowners we create modern hand blown glass pendant lights and colourful chandeliers for homes and commercial spaces all over the world. Our individual approach to all our customers gives us time to understand their needs and helps us to meet their expectations. 

No matter if you are thinking of a single pendant light or considering an oversized stairway chandelier we will be happy to spend our time and efforts in sharing our best practices and expertise with you.

Three steps to your bespoke lighting

Do you like our simple and elegant design? If your answer is yes, simply contact us, let us lead you through all the steps and create your bespoke masterpiece with us. Here is how we proceed:


Step 1 - Gathering Information

Before we start working on your project we need you to tell us more about:

  • fixture location (where it 's going to hang, e.g. staircase ceiling lighting, dining table lighting, individual pendant lights for kitchen island)

  • size limitations (max. height from the ceiling to the bottom of the last shade, max. width and length of the whole fixture)

  • other specifics or limitations (e.g. sloped ceiling, 2 storey room, single point electrical connection or other)    

  • colours and shapes (you may come up with your specific idea or get inspired by our existing designs) 

  • hardware and ceiling canopy  (preferred hardware finishing as well as type and size of the ceiling canopy)


If you have any pictures of your space please send them to us. It will help us a lot!


Step 2 - Fine Tuning the Project

We need a day or two to prepare a price offer. Our calculation includes shipment costs to your destination.  At the same time we start working on first 3d visualization based on your requirements. We usually take the first 3d project as a base for further discussion. Now it's time for your comments and adjustments to the project. 

If you are an interior designer and want to show a project to your customer we can send you a 3d model so that you can place it directly into your visualization.


Step 3 - Production

Once you are happy with the final version of the project we will give a green light to the production and let our glassblowers work. Usually we need about 4 - 6 weeks to finish the production part of the project. If you are tight with your deadlines please let us know and we will do our best to speed up the whole process. 

Examples of our projects:

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