Height of this fixture: 300 cm (it can be adjusted upon your request)

Ceiling rose: 75 x 75 cm with 12 holes, White

Glass colours used (from the top):

Medium Globe (Smoke Blue)

Ellipse (Old Gold)

Pear (Turquoise)

Small Globe (Opaque White)

Large Globe (Copper Blue)

Bell (Whiskey)

Small Globe (Celadon Opaque)

Pear (Smoke Blue)

Ellipse (Amber)

Bell (Copper Blue)

Medium Globe (White Opaque)

Small Globe (Turquoise) 

Hardware: Nickel

Cord: Grey

Average lead time: 6 weeks

Multi Colored Staircase Ceiling Lighting

Oversized staircase ceiling lighting with 12 shades of different sizes and shapes. 

This chandelier is fully customizable in terms of the canopy size, number and shape of drops and colour combination.

The cascading structure makes this chandelier perfect for high ceiling rooms and stairways (spaces between lights can be extended upon your request).


We will work with you to find the best combination of shapes and colours to create a perfect chandelier for your space. 

Contact us and let us work with you on your project.