Dining Room or Kitchen Island Light Fixture

An elegant combination of optic decors, amber toned shades and clear glass globes. Perfect as a dining table lighting or pendant lights for kitchen island.

This fixture is fully adjustable. You can choose the canopy size, number and layout of lights and colour combination.


Ceiling canopy : Rectangular 120 x 15 cm cm with 5 holes, White

Glass colours used (from the left):

Medium Globe (Whiskey), optical decor - stripes

Ellipse (clear glass), optical decor - stripes

Bell (Amber) 

Pear (clear glass), optical decor - stripes

Medium Globe (Whiskey)

Hardware: Dark Bronze

Cord: Black

Average lead time: 6 weeks

Play around with different colours and shapes. We will be happy to help you choose the right number and layout of drops and adjust the size of ceiling canopy to design a perfect bespoke chandelier for your interior. 

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